I have been fortunate enough to do a small bit of travelling in my time. Here is a selection of my favourite places and photographs I have taken along to way! My aim is to eventually write a blog post about each location.

17 thoughts on “Photos

  1. Your photos are beautiful and really appeal to the geographer in me. Are these all holiday destinations or do you travel about for work? Either way, I’m feeling quite envious right now!


  2. Great captures, these!
    Love the London phone booth and Bali sunrise, especially♥

    Thank you for dropping by my site with your warmth.
    Do take care and stay safe and well on your travels, too 🙂


  3. Wow!!! You have done quite the travelling and your pictures are beautiful. My favorite is the New York one and all the Bali pics too. 🙂 And you should totally do a blog post about them.


  4. The first picture where you see a man standing on the edge of a cliff staring into the expanse of mother nature is really striking, since you get the feeling of how small we humans are against mother nature. It give you the sensation of the power of mother nature. Glad you stumbled upon my crazy little blog.


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