Myriad of Me

My name is Kristian. I am 24. I am a graduate, bachelor of the arts, male, English, British, European, human, movie enthusiast, guitar player, photographer, book lover, frequent flyer, liberal, secularist, humanist, feminist, stoic, list maker, blogger, friend, brother, son, and grandson.

These are a few categories I use to identify myself, and what others use to describe me. Over my life this list will change. Things will be added to the list. Some things may leave the list.These categories tell you a lot about me, but at the same time nothing at all. They are very subjective, general and limited. No true description of a person can be found within language.

Categories shouldn’t be taken at face value. There is a story behind every label that tells so much more about ourselves that’s worth substantially more to learn. Labels are good at identifying individual traits, however we are always greater than the sum of our parts. We should be careful not to judge people on predisposed beliefs compounded by categories.

As well as being a part of these various categories. I am also a conglomerate of various and conflicting ideals and emotions. There are lots of versions of me. My opinions change daily with every new piece of information which makes it very difficult to understand myself, never mind describe myself to the outside world. Subjective, general and limited words are the closest I can come.

What categories do you belong to? How do you describe yourself to others? Do you find it easy?

15 thoughts on “Myriad of Me

  1. Interesting question. I like how you “describe” yourself. I think I can only describe who I was and live who I am today. Perception is subjective. But the more authentic we try to be the more people will see us the way we’d like to be seen and who we are. Anyway, we learn from every perspective something about ourselves which is another indicator of development.

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  2. i have an incredibly hard time describing myself usually but I can usually sum it up as: I’m a loving and loyal friend, daughter and sister. I’m also a creative individual who loves to write. Pretty much my general summary.

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  3. I find it really hard. Infact I would very much like if people wouldn’t categorize me at all. I like to be random things..share random emotions. Wonder if that makes any sense.

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