A Letter to Bali

Over the summer I spent a month working and volunteering in Bali. Indonesia is obviously a very stunning place so I couldn’t resist taking a ridiculous amount of photos and videos. At the end of my time there I wrote a sort of thank-you letter to Bali where I summarised what I learned throughout the month. I then decided to read the letter out over a montage of footage I took. I thought I’d share with you the finished result as I really like how it turned out!

Hope you like it!

(The style of the video was inspired by a YouTube personality called Emily Diana Ruth. Emily wrote and filmed daily letters to the month of July in a video series called Letters to July. Each letter is beautifully filmed and full of warmth. If you haven’t seen them they are definitely worth checking out as well.)

55 thoughts on “A Letter to Bali

  1. Pretty cool!! there are so many wonderful blogs out there but I generally pop them open, read a few lines and get caught up before I finish reading, specially if they are lengthy. the fact that you recorded yours with your voice gave me a better opportunity to appreciate it. thanks for doing that.

    one day when I am not to worried about anonymity I will hopefully be recording my own thoughts and sharing them with sound and image. 🙂


  2. I love your video Kristian and I really like the fact that you achieved so many “firsts” on one of my favourite islands – Bali. I’m so glad that I was able to go back there in the summer and introduce the beauty of it to my “boys.” Are you still there?


  3. Thank you for this wonderful post. You expressed the beauty of Bali in a way that I never could and seeing/listening to your letter just brought all the sentiments I felt in Bali back, so thank you.

    Have a great Christmas and new year too!

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  4. How I enjoyed your video! To be young and able to travel and see what you do, through your “wise” eyes, know please know, how fortunate you are. Cherish what you have been given. Thank you for sharing this with me today. Love, Amy

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  5. a very nice video! i rarely bump into non-indonesian who sees Bali in their serenity, mostly boasting on it’s surfing spot and buzzing nightlife. so I am glad I found this blog. thank you for sharing your thoughts. what are you volunteering at? ever think of visiting Bedugul? it’s a nice mountain area, the people are very friendly and the whole atmosphere are relaxing.
    Tantri from Jakarta

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    1. I am glad you liked my video! Thank you for commenting. I went to Bali with the idea it was only a place for surfing and a busy nightclub. I was worried as neither of those things appeals to me! However I was blown away by how wrong my preconceptions were. There is so much more to Bali! It is such a peaceful and relaxing place.

      Bedugul was on my list of things to do, unfortunately I ran out of time. I was only there for one month! Next time I will go for sure.

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  6. A beautiful, awe-inspiring video – and I loved the way you related it as a letter. The scenery is spectacular and so colourful. You presented us with a really interesting look at life in Bali and your enjoyment of the trip was obvious. Thank you.

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  7. Badfish again. On my blog, all the pages follow each other in a continuous scroll down the page. How did you get just one post …and with recent posts in sidebar. I didn’t see an option for the posts in sidebar.


  8. You have learned about the magic of travel and the exotic at an early age. I believe it brings enlightenment. We are all family sharing this world together. Why not get to know some of these other people?

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  9. Love your video. Love Bali. We too spent a month there, participated in temple ceremonies. climbed the volcano in the dark, were accosted by monkeys. What a very special place it is.


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