Why I Avoid Movie Trailers

Am I the only person who actively avoids movie trailers?

Between talk shows, leaked production photos, and endless social media advertising, it is getting increasingly difficult to see a new movie these days without already knowing virtually everything about it. One of the biggest issues for me are movie trailers that, intent on making sure you know exactly what you’re paying for, give the entire film away. As a viewer it often feels very patronising, like the production company is spoon feeding you the plot.

Even when I am looking forward to a movie, in fact especially when I am looking forward to a movie, I will do whatever I can to avoid seeing its trailer. If I know I am going to see a movie, I don’t want to encounter anything that will spoil it for me. If I accidentally stumble into a room where it is playing I will shut my eyes, cover my ears, and sing at the top of my voice. I normally take on a rendition of the ‘Let it Go’ from Frozen. Damn that song is catchy.

Obviously I realise trailers are an important aspect of getting people into the cinema in the first place. But recently I feel trailers have developed a trend of becoming more like highlight reels that invariably spoil all the best jokes and all the best scenes before the movie is even released. A trailer should make you want to see a movie, not feel like you’ve already watched the entire thing. Even though these scenes are normally out of context I’ve had many experiences of watching a movie where the memory of the trailer resurfaces and takes me out of the moment, thus ruining the scene.

I went to see the new Hunger Games the other day (it was pretty meh. If The Hunger Games people are reading this, feel free to use that review on your next poster) and I sat through the pre-movie trailers. Honestly, I felt like I sat through the entirety of six movies in the space of 20 minutes (they were all pretty meh too. Seriously, step up your game Hollywood and stop making the same old drivel). I think I’d rather just watch a single scene on its own to get a sense of what the film is like, rather that snippets from the entire movie.

Teaser trailers are the best. The teaser trailer for the new Star Wars came out this week. It was great! It shows some cool backdrops, great effects and alluring characters. It alludes to all sorts of otherworldly phenomenon without actually explicating its central premise. Not that Star Wars even needs a trailer. Everyone and their mother is going to see this movie, there is no need spending millions advertising it. If you aren’t one of the 50 billion people who have watched it, here it is:

10 thoughts on “Why I Avoid Movie Trailers

  1. Reblogged this on Multi-screen MO-T-Vision and commented:
    I need to learn to avoid trailers (or at least those like the Man Of Steel type. Where there’s about 3-5 different ones and show the entire movie (or like with Man of Steel the first half of the movie. Another thing those who make the trailers need to learn NOT to put the best part of the entire movie in it. (Like Neighbors & the air bags. ) The commercial was over player, yes still funny when watching the movie but sadly not magical.

    I have learned (thanks to Thor and how excited I was to learn Chris Hemsworth would play my God) I try not to get too hyped up for a movie. I’ll watch a comic-con premier and then try my best to wait when they start showing them during commercial breaks.


    1. I am pleased you somewhat agree! I do love trailers and they get me very hyped up, but I am just tired of them revealing everything. I think comedies are the worst culprit (Neighbors and Anchorman type movies). They either show you the funniest jokes in the trailer and it’s no longer funny upon the second viewing. Or they don’t show you the funniest parts and no one goes to see the movie. Which is why I just try and avoid them all together.

      I feel like all the big superhero trailer have become very formulaic. More often than not they are better than the final result.


      1. frankly as far as all the marvel moivie goes, I think they need to get those writers all together for the next thor movie as I ahve not been happy with them. They don’t ahve the same energy etc as iron Man, avengers, Captain america. Those have all been better movies (esp. & mostly Avengers & the 2nd captain america) It could be that I am a ‘daughter of Thor’ (so to speak) and get annoyed when something doesn’t seem quite right in the movie but then I have to remember, it’s based on the comic & I’m sure not everything is the same as in norse mythology but still. I jsut saw a 15 second teaser for Terminator Genysis (forget how they are spelling it) but when I publish the news links for the week it’s among those. I know you have your own bog but would you like writing for my entertainment blog when something pops to mind? I am still working on things here do you think I should include reading (there’s a poll on the about page) It is supposed to be ‘multi-screen’ & with that I can include books as most are mae in print & e-reader. (I jsut don’t use an e-reader) so I am missing out on some shorts of my fave authors) please let me know what you think


        1. I think the Marvel movies are pretty hit and miss. The only one that stands out to me in The Avengers, and I think that was solely because of Joss Whedon’s direction.
          I have just started this blog last week and want to concentrate on building up some content. But I would love to write for yours in the future 🙂 Thank you for the thought.


  2. so true – sometimes there is simply tmi. although when it came to the Titanic, there wasn’t too much mystery there. in the words of a non-impressed friend, “the boat sinks”, without trying to be sardonic.
    hadn’t seen the star wars trailer (not until december 2015? i suspect there will be more trailers to come) but that was well done.

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    1. Haha ‘the boat sinks’ is a great teaser! Tells you all you need to know.

      And yes, unfortunately I’m sure there will be a lot more Star Wars trailers to come before its release. I just hope there’s not too much spoilers in them.


  3. I don’t even like reading blurbs.
    Well, okay, sometimes when a book is really obscure and I’m halfway through it and still haven’t figured out what’s going on, then I’ll read the blurb to decide whether or not it’s worth persevering. But that doesn’t happen all THAT often… 🙂

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      1. Ja, I’d much rather trust a friend’s recommendation, and of course I always flip through books to get a sense of the writer’s style and ability before I choose them. But almost all my reading is library books, and since I usually have at least six or 10 out at a time I’m not likely to be stuck if I find I don’t like one!

        By the way, if you’re a reader, have you looked at my Books, etc page? I started it in around September last year; 2014 is in a drop down and there are a few that I’ve read this year. You might find something there that interests you… 🙂

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